Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I thought I would share with you what I did with my prize that I won from the Organizing Revolution Challenge. I won first place for my organized playroom and won Joys complete home filing system. I have begun to use her tickler system.

There are 3 types of tickler systems, daily, weekly and action tickler. I choose to use the weekly system. Joys tickler files comes with downloadable tabs but I created my own with my favorite Washi tape! I have to have things bright and full of color because it makes me happy and I am more
 likely to use them. 

Here is what I took from the system: the weekly system has 5 file folders up front labeled week 1 through 5 and then 12 file folders labeled January - December. You put anything you need to do, like call on a doctor bill, make the kids dentist appointment, a card you need to send out that week....anything in that weeks folder. So in the examples above the doctor bill would have come in the mail so you stick the paperwork in the week folder, the dentist might have sent a friendly reminder that the kids are due for their cleaning so I would stick the post card in the week file. If you have something in your mind that needs to get done but no "paper" to go with it I just use a post card.

At the beginning of the week I go into the folder and see what I need to get done. If I don't get something done that week I move it to the next week. If I got a task done I move it to the "to be filed" folder at the back of my files if it needs to filed or throw it away. The monthly folders I used to put tasked that don't need to be done right now. For example the doctor reminder that comes in the mail today. Your calendar is booked for the rest of February so you would place it in March. I also put my cards that need to be
 sent out that month. 

When the month is coming to an end about 3 days before I begin to set myself up for the next months weeks. I pull my March folder and sort thru the tasks and arrange them by priority. I then drop them in the week folder I want them in. 

So far this system has been wonderful! I highly suggest it! I have been more on top of things and before I was clipping the "paperwork" to the cork board, fridge, and writing it down a gazillion times! Now I have a nice, neat place to keep all that important "paperwork" and it is helping me stay on top of it!

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