TV Cart - Thinking Outside The Box!

When we moved into our new home we made sure we got the new TV but did not have the new TV cart. We thought it would be easy to find a cart we liked as there was so many to choose from.....wrong!! We found we didn't like the color, the knobs, the storage, but most of all the height was an issue for us. You see when we moved in we of course couldn't have the TV on the floor and I came home to this temporary fix that my husband came up with.

Yep.....that's my sofa table! The last 4 months I have been looking at this mess of a set up, and it was almost enough to put me over the edge! Look at all those cords!! That was screaming at me to be organized!

The remotes were driving me crazy as well. They did not have a home and ended up all over the table, our sofa, or ottoman. Also we had no where to put DVD's so a basket was holding them to at least keep them tidy.

Since a sofa table is higher than most TV carts we got used to the TV being up high. Here is were our next problem came into play. None of the TV carts we even remotely liked were high enough. To give you a sense of the height here is a picture compared to our rocker/recliner.

One day while at Costco (we really need to stay out of that place) I cut down the aisle that had the bedroom furniture. I stopped dead in my tracks as a haze lit up around the perfect TV cart and angels started to sing....ok well maybe it didn't happen quite like that but I was giddy, that's for sure! The TV cart/TV dresser is made for the bedroom and is higher, I guess because you would be watching TV from your bed. I always have to step out of the norm and instantly could picture it in my family room. Who would have thought to look at bedroom sets to find a TV cart for your family room - thinking outside the box!

I love it!!! The storage for the media was perfect, I love the drawers, the height was a bit higher than we wanted but loved it after a day of watching TV, and the best part...............all those cords are now neat and out of sight!! The remote and DVD's now have a home in the drawers. Another project off my to-do list!

Happy Organizing!!!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I thought I would share with you what I did with my prize that I won from the Organizing Revolution Challenge. I won first place for my organized playroom and won Joys complete home filing system. I have begun to use her tickler system.

There are 3 types of tickler systems, daily, weekly and action tickler. I choose to use the weekly system. Joys tickler files comes with downloadable tabs but I created my own with my favorite Washi tape! I have to have things bright and full of color because it makes me happy and I am more
 likely to use them. 

Here is what I took from the system: the weekly system has 5 file folders up front labeled week 1 through 5 and then 12 file folders labeled January - December. You put anything you need to do, like call on a doctor bill, make the kids dentist appointment, a card you need to send out that week....anything in that weeks folder. So in the examples above the doctor bill would have come in the mail so you stick the paperwork in the week folder, the dentist might have sent a friendly reminder that the kids are due for their cleaning so I would stick the post card in the week file. If you have something in your mind that needs to get done but no "paper" to go with it I just use a post card.

At the beginning of the week I go into the folder and see what I need to get done. If I don't get something done that week I move it to the next week. If I got a task done I move it to the "to be filed" folder at the back of my files if it needs to filed or throw it away. The monthly folders I used to put tasked that don't need to be done right now. For example the doctor reminder that comes in the mail today. Your calendar is booked for the rest of February so you would place it in March. I also put my cards that need to be
 sent out that month. 

When the month is coming to an end about 3 days before I begin to set myself up for the next months weeks. I pull my March folder and sort thru the tasks and arrange them by priority. I then drop them in the week folder I want them in. 

So far this system has been wonderful! I highly suggest it! I have been more on top of things and before I was clipping the "paperwork" to the cork board, fridge, and writing it down a gazillion times! Now I have a nice, neat place to keep all that important "paperwork" and it is helping me stay on top of it!

Washi Tape - I LOVE, LOVE it!!

Washi tape! Have you seen it? Have you used it? For those of you who don't know what Washi tape is, the best way I can describe it would be to compare it to masking tape, but with a pretty color or design on it. It is also some what transparent, and the best part about Washi tape is it is removable and can be re-positioned if you didn't tape it down just right. 

Washi Tape Organizer - Wood Masking Tape Holder - Eco friendly Japanese Tape Dispenser for 48 rolls - coworkers gift - under 50

I had to see what all the hype was with this tape. I bought my first rolls at Target (they sell 4 rolls in a pack for $4.00!). I was hooked and began to go on a hunt for more colors and styles! I was some what disappointed that my local craft stores and big name stores did not have the tape or had a very little selection. So I went to my trusty friend Google! Wow! There are hundreds of sites that sell Washi tape! 

My next thought was "What do I do with this?" I began to play with it on my own and also looked at Pinterest for ideas. I began to get carried away with it and I do believe I now have a Washi tape addiction!

I used it on my tickler file folders (they are so pretty now). I just added the tape on the folder file and trimmed it. Then I used my label maker with clear tape!

I label the bazillion cords we have. Now when I am looking for my iPhone charger, tablet charger, or camera charger they are easy to find. I wrapped the tape around the cord and just used my label maker again. My boys are starting to have electronic gadgets, and I will be labeling their cords with their names so my cords don't disappear!

I had a small scrapbook album that I could not decide how I should design the cover.....insert Washi tape here!!! I just wrapped several pieces around the cover.

We had some friends coming over and I decided to make cupcakes. Of course I remembered seeing the cute flags for food on Pinterest so I had to do that. I wrapped the tape around a toothpick, trimmed the end to make it look like a flag and then punched up a few Valentines Day words on my label maker to slap on my flags!

I labeled my caddy that holds all my daily pens, scissors, dry erase cleaner and markers and post it notes

I am currently working on re-doing my recipe binder (post to come later on this!) so of course I wanted my tabs to look pretty!

I am constantly finding new ways to use this awesome tape! My question to all my Washi tape lovers out there is how are you storing your tape? I don't have many now so I am using this 3 layer snap case but I know I will be out growing that soon!

Happy Organizing!

Subway Art

I am loving the subway art I have found around the internet and seen in stores. I wanted to share this site with my readers today as these ladies make amazing subway art and the best part, they are super generous and let you download them for free! Their blog is one of my favorites as they have wonderful ideas so take a spin around it when you are there! They are the ladies of of eighteen25!

I printed their Valentines Day subway art, framed it, added a few hearts on the frame, and put it up! I love it....perfect for my Valentine's Day decor!

Here are some of their other awesome designs! Click HERE and it will take you to their site to download. Don't forget to leave them some love!


Love Bug Butterflies!

I love craft time at our house. I found this craft online and knew the kids would love to make them. 

I started running around the house telling everyone not to throw away the toilet paper rolls when they finish a roll (this happens a lot in my house so my family is used to my craziness!). I then spent some time prepping for the craft. I have found if you have all the supplies ready and you only have to give the instruction, our craft runs much smoother. I precut some Valentine scrapbook paper for the body. I then pulled out my Cricut machine and cut 1 in and 3 in hearts out of 3 solid colors (white, pink, and red) using George Basic cartridge. I also use B is for Boy cricut cartridge to cut out a mouth for each butterfly. I gathered some googly eyes and twisted some pipe cleaner around a pen. I was set to go!

We already have our buckets that have everyone's supplies in them for school or crafts. You can see them HERE in our playroom. All we needed was our glue sticks. The kids were so excited to start. 

The instructions are easy.
  1. Glue pre-cut scrapbook paper around the tube.
  2. Glue 1 in hearts on two 3 in hearts.
  3. Glue 3 in hearts on the back of the tube to appear as wings.
  4. Glue mouth and googly eyes on.
  5. Attach antennas. I attempted to staple them to the tube but that was difficult so I ended up taping them to the inside of the tube. 
And here is how the kids love bug butterflies turned out! 

Visual, Audtory or Tactical Person

Are you a visual person? Do you learn thing better if they are hands on or can you read or hear instruction and go to work? I am a visual learner for sure! I learn, comprehend and remember things better if I visually see it.

Let me tell you a story about my "Mom of the year" moment. I am sitting at my computer, doing homework. There is a knock at the front door. I see a child peeking in the window. As I get closer I see my son peeking in the window. It's 2:00pm. I open the door and ask "Nathan what are you doing here? What's wrong?" He replies, "you never came to get me at school!" Then the "OMG it was an early release day" sets in!. Now what's worse in this story is my neighbor asked if I could pick up her kids too as the internet guy would be at her house and she couldn't leave. So not only did I forget to get my kid I forgot to get my neighbors kids too! Yep Mom of the year award goes to.....ME! I felt terrible! Thank God we live less than a block from the school and our kids were smart enough to walk straight home. After apologizing to my neighbor a gazillion times and making sure her kids made it home ok I began the thought did I forget that. It was written in my planner but that's the problem. My planner is not in front of me all the time. It floats around the house.

Part two of the story: Paper is consuming me and my kitchen. Lately the paperwork the kids bring home from school, and the mail is turning my breakfast bar into a desk. It is driving me crazy. In our old house I clipped important things to my fridge and always had a calendar posted. This calendar was more for my husband, so he could see what the kids and I had going on and could stay in the loop. Or so I thought. After today's incident I realized that I need a visual calendar, visual spot to jot down important reminders and some where to stash the paperwork!!!

The first thing I did was find this super cute free printable on 
Pinterest from The Tomkat Studio
I put all the kids school dates on it, birthdays, anniversary, plans, and appointments. The next thing I did was go on a hunt for some organization tool to calm my chaos of paperwork. I came across this 
awesome goodie at Target.

I knew it would work. Each child has a place for their school work, I can jot down important reminders on the whiteboard, I pinned our calendar, menu and Hawks schedule (we are big hockey fans). Now every day I can SEE what is going on in my week and hopefully I will never forget an
 early release day again!  

How do you organize paper and remember important dates?

Happy Organizing!