Organizing: Project New Home!

I have an obsession with Thirty-One bags! I love them and want so many of them. So when Julie asked me to do a product review for their hang-up home organizer I was beyond excited!!! I could not wait to share with how I used the organizer that I have had my eye on forever. 

When my box arrived at my door I was giddy! After opening it I was amazed at the quality of the fabric and new right away it would be durable and last. At first I thought for sure I would be using it as an addition to my command center (go here to check out my command center). Then the light bulb went on and I knew exactly what its purpose would be for me. 

First I wanted to add a pop of color to it. What better then some chevron pink!!! I trimmed up some scrapbook paper and inserted it in all the clear pockets.

The next thing I did was find some cute mini clothes pin and added some pink washi tape to them. I loved how they turned out and they work great to clip up items to my organizer. 

After I dressed up my organizer (which I had so much fun doing) I then began to set up my organizer. We have recently moved into a brand new home. It is our second brand new home, but boy I forgot about all the things you need to buy for a new home. The paint, window treatments, furniture, lighting and more! Even though we came from a home where we lived for 10 years I still needed some new items for the new home. So this became my project new home organizer!

I use the 4 pockets at the bottom to hold paint and window treatment quotes, information for my son's lego room and a miscellaneous pocket for things I pick up for later projects.

I love that it comes with a dry erase marker to label areas. I used the middle section to write out any appointments I have and a pocket to keep my business cards. 

The top portion of my organizer allows me to write out my to do list. Some items on this to do list are long term as we are working on one area at a time, but I love that it is right in front of my face to keep me motivated.

The other half allows me to clip up items, like swatches, brochures, picture inspiration, and more. 

Here is my finished thirty-one wall organizer

If you loved what I have done with the home organizer and would like to get organized with Thirty-One head on over to Julie personal website and check out the catalog. She will gladly help you get what you need to get organized!

Julie Biggs 407-494-3131

Wine Bottles

Anyone that knows me, knows I like a good glass of wine! So I usually have an empty bottle or two sitting around. I received a chalkboard painted bottle for a gift from a friend. I keep it in my wine themed kitchen on the counter and love to write messages on my bottle. At Christmas I wrote Ho! Ho! Ho! at Easter a Happy Easter wish and when it is a family members birthday I write a birthday wish on it. There were many times I wish I had two more bottles to split the message up on 3 bottles. That's when I began to collect the empty bottles over the winter. As spring was approaching I got my bottles ready by removing all the labels.

I soaked them in hot water and used a razor blade to scrape off the all paper. Any left over residue I used a little Goo Gone to clean the bottles off. I then set them aside to dry and wait for warmer weather to spray paint them.

Here in Chicago we had a slow go from winter temps to spring temps. Actually I think summer is hear now but we had some unseasonable low temps. When the weather finally warmed up a bit to paint we had terrible winds. No good for spray painting! Finally I had a nice, warm, non-windy day and got all the bottles primed and painted! 

I added two extra bottles to my existing one on the counter and plan to make a count down till our Florida vacation on it. 

The next thing I wanted to do with the bottles was add some to my upper cabinet for wine decor in my kitchen. I first thought I would write one letter on each bottle of our last name. Well that would take 7 bottles and really who thinks our last name is decor let alone fits in my wine themed kitchen! So I decided with 4 bottles each one spelling out Vino. Much better!! I first tried to write with my chalk pen but did not like the results. I then tried with regular chalk and decided it is just my handwriting that I am not happy with. So I had to come up with another way to spell out vino on the bottles. I was cleaning up my scrap room and came across my vinyl.......light bulb! I immediately pulled out my cricket, found a font I liked and cut my letters out.

I loved how they came out! I gave them a home on top of my cabinet and can't wait to add some lighting!

Do you have any interesting things you have made with wine bottles? I would love to see them. Please leave me a link in the comments!