I want to try Rodan and Fields but I am not sure what to buy?

Thinking about trying R+F? Not sure what regimen would be best for you? Don't worry, I have a tool for that! The Solution Tool! Click the link below and it will take you right to the solution tool, answer a few quick questions about your skin, and then you can have your results emailed to you. Then contact me so we can get your order in. A few weeks from now you are going to wish you started sooner!

Don't forget ALL R+F products come with a 60 day money back guarantee, so when I say "try" I really mean you can TRY the products!

Oh No!!! Lash Boost is Running Out!!! Hurry! While Supplies Last! - UPDATE!!!

******UPDATE****** At this time I am unable to sell lash boost. BOO!! But it WILL be back soon! Please comment below or email me if you want to get on my notification list. I will send you a message when it is back and available for sale. Sorry for any inconvenience but Lash Boost is that good that it broke record sales, higher sales than the number one mascara - that's crazy! You will want to be on my list for when it comes back!  

ATTENTION Lash Boost customers and those of you who have been thinking about trying Lash Boost:
It's selling like hot cakes and setting record sales because it is just that AMAZING! How ever with high demand comes low supplies. Rodan and Fields is working very hard to ramp up the production of Lash boost but because of the high-demand in the short-term it is not available to new customers. But GOOD NEWS, I can still hook a sister up! With the risk of this selling out I will be placing an order ASAP. If you want to try it or want to stock up it is $145 out the door tax and shipping included. Let me know ASAP!

My preferred customers on the PC perks plan - contact me and I can explain how you will be able to order.

I Have Been Busy!!!

I love summer break! Relaxing with the kids, enjoying the weather, sleeping in......but the thing I love the most about summer is TIME! I get some back when I am not teaching. So what do I do with my time. I make teaching resources lol! I have several new items up in the store but before I share those with you I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU!

A few days ago I posted about the calendar being ready for this school year. I can tell you have been waiting for it because it is a super hot purchase in my store! Thank you to all my loyal teacher/customers for purchasing from me! 

Now on to the new stuff! 

Keeping with my rainbow theme I added a few new forms to help you out in the beginning of the year. The conference sign up sheet has helped many of you but I have have received some inquires for other forms similar to it. Ask and you shall receive!

Getting to know you form. This is a great form to send home at the beginning of the school year to get some insight on each of your students. I can't tell you how many times I was able to make a connection with a student just because I knew something he/she liked. 

This form coordinates with my other rainbow themed forms! This class list is somewhat new. I whipped this up last year because I kept needing to check off things. Permission slips, library book return, report card return and I used it a lot to find out the no name paper! 

Conference Questionnaire!! Love this form. Again I needed something to send home to my parents to remind them of their upcoming conference. I also wanted something that would generate some back and forth conversation instead of me just talking. So I created this form based on some general question I wanted to know. I love parents gave me their goals for their child. This helped guide me with some strategies and teaching practices I wanted to provide for each child. 

I ALWAYS need parent volunteers! I set this out at school supply drop off day and at conferences. I am working on a request for a donation one similar to this as we do have working parents that cannot contribute physically in the classroom but love to send in material items. 

I also updated my weekly student reports.....well maybe updated is not the right word. I made them cute for each month! Check them out! 

These forms are wonderful to keep those lines of communication open with your parents! 

I am working on so much more so stayed tuned. In the meantime I think it's time for you to head over to the store and start shopping! 

Rodan and Fields - Volunteers Needed To Try Products!!!!

I love to run this offer. My volunteers from 2 months ago are now reordering as they are in LOVE with the products and the results they are getting. So here we go....
I am looking for 4 volunteers, possibly even some skeptics who think our products are too good to be true. If you’ve been wondering, stop wondering and TRY it!
My 4 volunteers will become a preferred customer for FREE. You will receive a 10% discount and free shipping!
I need 1 person (male or female) from each category:

****Fine lines, enlarged pores, loss of firmness (REDEFINE)
****Sun damage, dark spots, dullness, melasma, discoloration (REVERSE)
****Acne and/or post acne marks (UNBLEMISH)
****Sensitivity, dryness, redness (SOOTHE)
Try it out for 60 days and if you are not happy with your products, send the empty bottles back for a FULL REFUND!
You have nothing to lose but great skin and lashes to gain. Message me or comment below which one you want to try and let’s get started! Offer ends July 18th!