I Have Been Busy!!!

I love summer break! Relaxing with the kids, enjoying the weather, sleeping in......but the thing I love the most about summer is TIME! I get some back when I am not teaching. So what do I do with my time. I make teaching resources lol! I have several new items up in the store but before I share those with you I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU!

A few days ago I posted about the calendar being ready for this school year. I can tell you have been waiting for it because it is a super hot purchase in my store! Thank you to all my loyal teacher/customers for purchasing from me! 

Now on to the new stuff! 

Keeping with my rainbow theme I added a few new forms to help you out in the beginning of the year. The conference sign up sheet has helped many of you but I have have received some inquires for other forms similar to it. Ask and you shall receive!

Getting to know you form. This is a great form to send home at the beginning of the school year to get some insight on each of your students. I can't tell you how many times I was able to make a connection with a student just because I knew something he/she liked. 

This form coordinates with my other rainbow themed forms! This class list is somewhat new. I whipped this up last year because I kept needing to check off things. Permission slips, library book return, report card return and I used it a lot to find out the no name paper! 

Conference Questionnaire!! Love this form. Again I needed something to send home to my parents to remind them of their upcoming conference. I also wanted something that would generate some back and forth conversation instead of me just talking. So I created this form based on some general question I wanted to know. I love parents gave me their goals for their child. This helped guide me with some strategies and teaching practices I wanted to provide for each child. 

I ALWAYS need parent volunteers! I set this out at school supply drop off day and at conferences. I am working on a request for a donation one similar to this as we do have working parents that cannot contribute physically in the classroom but love to send in material items. 

I also updated my weekly student reports.....well maybe updated is not the right word. I made them cute for each month! Check them out! 

These forms are wonderful to keep those lines of communication open with your parents! 

I am working on so much more so stayed tuned. In the meantime I think it's time for you to head over to the store and start shopping! 

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