Organizing the Boys Closet - Preview

This week I am focusing on organizing the kids closets! 

They were a mess and I needed to get them back in control. The boys were just throwing stuff in there, my husband and I were stacking clothes on the top shelf that were either to big or to small. Here is my 5 year old's closet:


Let's play a game called what's wrong with this picture. I need to have my boys and my clothes organized by sleeve length and color. For example my closet  runs: no sleeves, short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves and then by the rainbow (red, orange, yellow...). I usually set up the kids the same way. My 5 year old never follows it! Look at the pampers box - ha my kid has been out of diapers for so long. There is a bazillion shoes in there. I also love the swim stuff mixed in with the sweaters - same season right?? 

Hmmmm......animals, shoes and clothes - seems organized to me NOT!! The bin holds clothes that are too small for my son but the bin wasn't big enough to hold all the clothes so the solution: stack it on top so your 5 year old can knock it down! 

I have some work to do in this closet!! Here is my older son who is 7, he carries some of my characteristic in organization - he keep his closet color coded!

Ready for round two of what's wrong with this picture! Basically his whole top self is full of clothes - clothes from summer that never got put away, clothes that are too big, jeans that he has put a hole in the knee (that I swear I am going to fix but by the time I get around to it they are too small for him) and a bunch of socks that my son wore for months and then said they are too big and keep falling down! 

Both boys just chuck stuff on the floor!

Hmmm.....something seems familiar here - animals, shoes, and if we just throw some clothes on the floor it will look just like my 5 year old's closet!

As much as I would love to put up an organization system for them (we had them in our previous house and it worked great for them) we have so many "new home projects" that I have to put that on hold for now. However, if I don't find a way to organize the closet in a functional way for the boys it will continue to end up like this, and only get worse. So off to the Dollar Store I go to find fun, colorful, storage for the boys!

Organizing the Boy Bathroom - Reveal

Wow this week is went by fast but I made great progress in the boys bathroom. You can see my before pictures here. I had a mess to deal with but after sorting out everything and getting rid of items I didn't need, I was ready to start. I found some liner for the boys drawers because my boys are messy. I love the Chevron look right now!

I then added organizers and made tags to help the boys put items back were they belong. 

Under one sink I used a storage drawer and baskets that I picked up at the Dollar Store to organized items.

Under the second sink the boys share some space with me. I have neatly tucked away my curling irons and created a space to store extra toilet paper.

The boys are very into laundry right now so I am riding that wave! I have labeled their linen closet to help them put towels and linens where they belong. I then used zip ties to hold them in place.

At the bottom of the linen closet I added some buckets to hold our suntan lotions and aloe products.

The space is wonderful now and the boys are already putting items back where they belong instead of leaving them on the counter. 

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Organizing the Boys Bathroom - Labeling Project

I have been busy working on the boys bathroom and thought I would give you a quick peek at part of the project that I have been working on. I love to make tags and label. Being that I am a digital scrapbook and I am on a creative team for Bella Gypsy I knew when I saw this kit I wanted to use the colors in the boys bathroom. 

Mama's Boy

Isn't this a great kit! You can pick it up here. I printed out some of the papers and used Photoshop to create my tags. I trimmed and matted them and then ran them through my laminator to help make them durable. 

Wa-la! Instant, colorful, tags!

Organizing the Boys Bathroom - Preview

My next goal is to organize the boys bathroom!

Here in Chicago we have had some major rain so it was nice to see the sun shine again! The only good thing about the rain is I have been cooped up in the house with lots of time to organize! We are due for some more rain this week so I plan on getting our boys bathroom completely organized. I knew I would need to make it simple for them, label the spaces, and have a space for everything.

Just like my bathroom, I pulled everything out to see what I was dealing with. I sorted it by keep, throw and donate and then planned out what I would need to buy, and what I will need to make to organized this bathroom. Here are my before pictures:

Yep, that's a mess! Look at the curler set I still have! I am pretty sure that is from the 80's!  My boys have to share some of their storage under the sink with me for my curling irons and other hair tools but they don't mind!

This is all the items that my boys have in their drawers and under the sink. Not much but they are boys. If I had a girl I am sure it would have been doubled! 

Really?? Look at all those medicine dispensing tools! My boys are 4 and 7 so any medicine I have to give them they drink from a cup. I will only be keeping a few cups and the rest are going!

I can't wait to revel their finish bathroom later this week! 
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Organizing the Master Bathroom -Reveal

I had a great week of getting my Master Bathroom organized.  I feel great getting my bathroom neat and organized. As I stated in my previous post I accidentally deleted my before pictures so I only have my big reveal pictures only. Sorry about that but lets get to it. 

I have a large bathroom but not large in storage. Our linen closet consists of some wire shelving in our closet and is something I want to work on in the future. So I have to work with what I got which is my vanity drawer, 3 drawer on the cabinet and the other half of the cabinet is open. Function was the key element for me when planning where my things would have a home. I need to have any item required to get beautiful at my finger tips. 

The first thing I do in any organizing project is empty everything out, see what I got and what I can get rid of. I then prioritize items based on needs. I find storage for like items, that serve a purpose, and are functional. 

I LOVE color so when I found this super cute liner I knew it was going in my drawers (Hubby was not interested in having his drawers lined in it - gee I wonder why?).

Now I didn't want to cover up that pretty paper so I found some clear drawer organizers and put my everyday items that I use in them.

Next I lined, and organized the 3 drawers in my cabinet. The first drawer houses my make up and contact, oh and my iphone charger (hehe!)

The second drawer holds my teeth items and some extra supplies like my razor refills, extra toothbrushes and toothpaste.

The last drawer is more of a storage drawer. I do not like lots of items on my counters so I tuck my tissues, travel make-up bags and a few smaller daily items I use.

Under my sink on the other half of the cabinet I have used bins to help me stay organized. A drawer organizer holds all my medicines and vitamins. A bin holds hair product, mouth wash, and contact solution. I thought about lining the bottom of this too but couldn't decide.....I may go back and do it :)

I maximized my height in the cabinet by using stacking bins. Most areas under the sink are hard to maximize the space because of those lovely pipes, but they have to be there so just try to find storage that will adapt to your space limits.

I love to label so as you can see the top bin holds extra hair items like rubber bands, clips, barrets, and headbands. The second bin holds all my smaller/travel size items for when we travel. The last bin holds all items required to paint up and take care of my nails! 

Bins ~ I love them. In my supply bin I keep all larger items that will not fit in my drawers. Keeping items I use on a daily basis close to the front and less frequent items or replacement items towards the back.

Many of these items I used to organized I had already and most came from dollar stores.

Organizing The Master Bathroom

I need to get organized! I am going to start with my Master Bathroom.

I wanted to post my bathroom before pictures but I had a whoops....I accidentally deleted my pictures. Boo! So I thought I would share some inspirational ideas I saw on Pinterest.

I love the pull out drawers on this one!

Trays are my favorite. They help to keep items where they belong in drawers that open all the time!

I love lining the drawers with colorful paper!

I love labels, therefore I love labeled bathrooms!!

For those of you that share a bathroom I loved this idea.

And one more, remember to get creative and use what you have in your house. I loved this bucket idea

Now it's time to take some of this inspiration and get started on my Master Bathroom!

Free To Do List

I'm working on getting organized. I always have a to do list! I have to look at it constantly to see what is next on the list so I thought why not make it pretty! 

What do you think? With summer right around the corner I thought the ladybugs were perfect for my summer to do list. Today I am sharing this with you. Please remember this is for personal use only. 

Go here to download it!

Happy Organizing!

Chalkboard Painted Herb Pot

Spring is finally here in Chicago and the flowers are starting to arrive in stores. The problem in Chicago is our weather is crazy. Right now it is 70 degrees outside but they are predicting a chance of snow on Friday! Since our weather is unpredictable in the spring I have to grow several herbs and flowers inside until the weather is more predictable. I knew I needed to start growing my basil right away. I love basil and cook with it all the time, all summer long! But I also knew it would live on my kitchen counter for awhile so I wanted a planter with style. I looked in the stores but of course any planter I liked the cost was too much for me. I had an old terra cotta pot in my storage room so I decided to give it a new look with chalkboard paint.

I then grabbed my favorite chalk pen, dirt and picked up some sweet basil seeds in the store. I wrote basil on my pot with my chalk pen so I would know what was growing in it. 

My youngest son helped me pour the dirt, dump the seeds and give it some water. Wa la ~ a cute pot of basil that can live on my kitchen counter! I love it!

See Jane Work

The FedEx man came today!!! I love it when I get goodies at my door. I have fallen in love with the See Jane Work line. They are a wonderful product line and are going to help me keep things organize! I can't wait to play with these goodies and incorporate them into my life to keep me organized in a stylish way! This line is the Herringbone Line. I currently have two other lines from See Jane Work. 

This is the Linen Line. I love this line as it is a more sophisticated rich line. The bins and photo box are my favorite!

This line is the assorted dots and stripes line. I love that it is black and white. It will work so awesome in my office!

The concept I love the most about the See Jane Work lines is you can mix and match them

They are all compatible with each other and the same size and height. The best part about my See Jane Work items is I got them all for FREE!!! Check back soon to see how I used my awesome goodies to help organize my life!

All of these products and other See Jane Work lines can be found at Office Depot or See Jane Work

Happy Organizing!