2018 - 2019 School Year Calendar Is Up!!!!

Calling all my teacher friends!!!! 

I just finished the 2018-2019 school year calendar!! I have a free sample of it in my store as well as the full calendar available for purchase. Click on the link below to head right to the store!

Lash is Back!!!!

I am so excited that Lash is back and I want to share it with everyone I know! I love my lashes and I want you to love yours too! So, let’s have some fun. 

I have 30 squares of lashes. Each time someone purchases lash boost I will check off a square. Purchase and refer a friend to me you will get 2 squares (each referral gains you another square). Join the business (you will get lash boost in your business kit) you get 4 squares and a mini facial from me! Once the squares are all filled up I will pick a winner for free product!!

Lash Boost gives you longer looking, fuller looking, darker looking, 100% natural, all yours lashes! Below are my results! Get your Lash ordered today! 

FREE eye cream.....say what????

That's right! I giving FREE eye cream to anyone who becomes a preferred customer with a regimen order. Your order will need to be placed by 8/31/17. Don't wait....NOW is the time to start your journey to loving the skin you are in. 

Take a look at the amazing before and after pictures of what the eye cream can do for your crows feet and bags. Now imagine if you are using one of our amazing regimens with that eye cream! Beautiful skin is the only result! 

What are you waiting for? All products come with a 60 day money back guarantee! You have nothing to lose and great skin to gain! 

Feel free to contact me to help place your order or head right over to my website to sign up for PC Perks and order your regimen! 


OMJ - yep that's right OMJ

Oh my jelly!!! Something BIG is coming from Rodan and Fields!!!

I wanted to reach out to ANYONE who has seen my post and is even the slightest bit interested in Rodan and Fields. I would love to send you the link to join our Facebook Virtual Event as my guest starting Friday at 11am. Just listen and see if Rodan and Fields would be a good fit for you! 

Comment below NOW for the link!!

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It's the Back to School Sale at TPT!!!

Attention Teacher Friends: My whole store is on sale! 

Don't forget to use the bonus code at check out to get an additional 5% off - BTS2017. Head on over to my store NOW and start your school year organized! Sales ends tomorrow at midnight! https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Casual-Fridays

I want to try Rodan and Fields but I am not sure what to buy?

Thinking about trying R+F? Not sure what regimen would be best for you? Don't worry, I have a tool for that! The Solution Tool! Click the link below and it will take you right to the solution tool, answer a few quick questions about your skin, and then you can have your results emailed to you. Then contact me so we can get your order in. A few weeks from now you are going to wish you started sooner!

Don't forget ALL R+F products come with a 60 day money back guarantee, so when I say "try" I really mean you can TRY the products!

Oh No!!! Lash Boost is Running Out!!! Hurry! While Supplies Last! - UPDATE!!!

******UPDATE****** At this time I am unable to sell lash boost. BOO!! But it WILL be back soon! Please comment below or email me if you want to get on my notification list. I will send you a message when it is back and available for sale. Sorry for any inconvenience but Lash Boost is that good that it broke record sales, higher sales than the number one mascara - that's crazy! You will want to be on my list for when it comes back!  

ATTENTION Lash Boost customers and those of you who have been thinking about trying Lash Boost:
It's selling like hot cakes and setting record sales because it is just that AMAZING! How ever with high demand comes low supplies. Rodan and Fields is working very hard to ramp up the production of Lash boost but because of the high-demand in the short-term it is not available to new customers. But GOOD NEWS, I can still hook a sister up! With the risk of this selling out I will be placing an order ASAP. If you want to try it or want to stock up it is $145 out the door tax and shipping included. Let me know ASAP!

My preferred customers on the PC perks plan - contact me and I can explain how you will be able to order.