So Excited for my Black Chandelier

Here is the thing about have to have patience!

I currently have the patience of a saint right now because my husband convinced me to wait the "one year before painting on new construction." The white walls are killing me. Not to mention the flat paint that shows every mark. I have my paint colors all picked out for every room so with that in mind I have been searching for additional decor pieces. 

For a year, yes a year people, I have been trying to find a reasonable black chandelier for my bedroom. I have been to several lighting stores, researched online, and read reviews on black chandeliers. They were either too expensive or too cheap.

My kids are both in school all day for the first time this year, so one day my husband played hooky and we went out for lunch and shopping. We were shopping mostly for house items. I would say I want that. He would say "really?" See my husband can picture things in his mind. I tell him the grand plan of any project, he usually disagrees with my plan but goes along with it, and then when it's all done he usually tells me how good the project turned out! This was also the case with me wanting a black chandelier for our bedroom. After we finished shopping, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a lighting store tucked back in a corner. 

We walked around the store and we're about to leave when I looked up and I saw her! She was beautiful and exactly what I was looking for! Now the price tag on her was not bad but a little higher than I budgeted. I inquired about her and found out the tag was incorrect, she was even less, and on top of that they were having a store wide sale and took an additional 15% off. I was sold! 

Well she finally came in and I could not wait to get her up! My husband got her up and I couldn't help but smile ear to ear! Now I really can't wait to paint the walls! So the moral of my story is when you have a vision make sure you take your time to put all the pieces together to complete your vision.

My bedroom be continued.