About Me

Hi, I’m Laura. I am a mom, a wife, a skin care consultant, a Teacher Pay Teacher store owner, a team manager, and a teacher! Yep! I wear many hats! 

My favorite hat is my Mom hat! I started off staying at home with my two wonderful, handsome boys, but they grow up too fast, so I recently return to the working world as a teacher.

I also have an entrepreneur side and started a Teacher Pay Teacher store where my love for organization helps other teachers save time and get organized. 

If that wasn't enough I decided to partner with two amazing doctors at Rodan and Fields to take on the anti aging market with mind-blowing skin care products! 

I originally started this blog to share my digital scrapbooking, and then several friends told me I should share my organizing tips, crafting ideas, fun stuff I do for the kids, and more with the world. So I began to share what works for me in life in hopes that it will work for someone else. Since I started this blog it has evolved into a blog about organizing, being creative, changing peoples lives and skin, and teaching. I hope you enjoy my blog!

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