Anniversary Card

My parents have been married 46 years! So I wanted to make them a fantastic card! I love doing these box cards but work, school, family, and life has really taken time away from scrapbooking, adding more to my TPT store and blogging. This card came out so stinking cute I just had to share. 

Ever start working on a project and it just does not come together? That's how this card started. I made the birds in the nest first and then found they were not gonna work. Moving on to plan B, I started to make the flowers. I knew I loved the papers and the colors in the papers. Then like magic it started to come together and all of a sudden the birds in the nest found a home among the flowers! 

I always live by the motto that things happen for a reason, so remember if you are working on a project and everything is going wrong or things are not working it's because it's not supposed to go that way and the outcome will be better than you expected. 

Happy Scrapping!