Visual, Audtory or Tactical Person

Are you a visual person? Do you learn thing better if they are hands on or can you read or hear instruction and go to work? I am a visual learner for sure! I learn, comprehend and remember things better if I visually see it.

Let me tell you a story about my "Mom of the year" moment. I am sitting at my computer, doing homework. There is a knock at the front door. I see a child peeking in the window. As I get closer I see my son peeking in the window. It's 2:00pm. I open the door and ask "Nathan what are you doing here? What's wrong?" He replies, "you never came to get me at school!" Then the "OMG it was an early release day" sets in!. Now what's worse in this story is my neighbor asked if I could pick up her kids too as the internet guy would be at her house and she couldn't leave. So not only did I forget to get my kid I forgot to get my neighbors kids too! Yep Mom of the year award goes to.....ME! I felt terrible! Thank God we live less than a block from the school and our kids were smart enough to walk straight home. After apologizing to my neighbor a gazillion times and making sure her kids made it home ok I began the thought did I forget that. It was written in my planner but that's the problem. My planner is not in front of me all the time. It floats around the house.

Part two of the story: Paper is consuming me and my kitchen. Lately the paperwork the kids bring home from school, and the mail is turning my breakfast bar into a desk. It is driving me crazy. In our old house I clipped important things to my fridge and always had a calendar posted. This calendar was more for my husband, so he could see what the kids and I had going on and could stay in the loop. Or so I thought. After today's incident I realized that I need a visual calendar, visual spot to jot down important reminders and some where to stash the paperwork!!!

The first thing I did was find this super cute free printable on 
Pinterest from The Tomkat Studio
I put all the kids school dates on it, birthdays, anniversary, plans, and appointments. The next thing I did was go on a hunt for some organization tool to calm my chaos of paperwork. I came across this 
awesome goodie at Target.

I knew it would work. Each child has a place for their school work, I can jot down important reminders on the whiteboard, I pinned our calendar, menu and Hawks schedule (we are big hockey fans). Now every day I can SEE what is going on in my week and hopefully I will never forget an
 early release day again!  

How do you organize paper and remember important dates?

Happy Organizing!

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