TV Cart - Thinking Outside The Box!

When we moved into our new home we made sure we got the new TV but did not have the new TV cart. We thought it would be easy to find a cart we liked as there was so many to choose from.....wrong!! We found we didn't like the color, the knobs, the storage, but most of all the height was an issue for us. You see when we moved in we of course couldn't have the TV on the floor and I came home to this temporary fix that my husband came up with.

Yep.....that's my sofa table! The last 4 months I have been looking at this mess of a set up, and it was almost enough to put me over the edge! Look at all those cords!! That was screaming at me to be organized!

The remotes were driving me crazy as well. They did not have a home and ended up all over the table, our sofa, or ottoman. Also we had no where to put DVD's so a basket was holding them to at least keep them tidy.

Since a sofa table is higher than most TV carts we got used to the TV being up high. Here is were our next problem came into play. None of the TV carts we even remotely liked were high enough. To give you a sense of the height here is a picture compared to our rocker/recliner.

One day while at Costco (we really need to stay out of that place) I cut down the aisle that had the bedroom furniture. I stopped dead in my tracks as a haze lit up around the perfect TV cart and angels started to sing....ok well maybe it didn't happen quite like that but I was giddy, that's for sure! The TV cart/TV dresser is made for the bedroom and is higher, I guess because you would be watching TV from your bed. I always have to step out of the norm and instantly could picture it in my family room. Who would have thought to look at bedroom sets to find a TV cart for your family room - thinking outside the box!

I love it!!! The storage for the media was perfect, I love the drawers, the height was a bit higher than we wanted but loved it after a day of watching TV, and the best part...............all those cords are now neat and out of sight!! The remote and DVD's now have a home in the drawers. Another project off my to-do list!

Happy Organizing!!!

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