Love Bug Butterflies!

I love craft time at our house. I found this craft online and knew the kids would love to make them. 

I started running around the house telling everyone not to throw away the toilet paper rolls when they finish a roll (this happens a lot in my house so my family is used to my craziness!). I then spent some time prepping for the craft. I have found if you have all the supplies ready and you only have to give the instruction, our craft runs much smoother. I precut some Valentine scrapbook paper for the body. I then pulled out my Cricut machine and cut 1 in and 3 in hearts out of 3 solid colors (white, pink, and red) using George Basic cartridge. I also use B is for Boy cricut cartridge to cut out a mouth for each butterfly. I gathered some googly eyes and twisted some pipe cleaner around a pen. I was set to go!

We already have our buckets that have everyone's supplies in them for school or crafts. You can see them HERE in our playroom. All we needed was our glue sticks. The kids were so excited to start. 

The instructions are easy.
  1. Glue pre-cut scrapbook paper around the tube.
  2. Glue 1 in hearts on two 3 in hearts.
  3. Glue 3 in hearts on the back of the tube to appear as wings.
  4. Glue mouth and googly eyes on.
  5. Attach antennas. I attempted to staple them to the tube but that was difficult so I ended up taping them to the inside of the tube. 
And here is how the kids love bug butterflies turned out! 

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