Organizing my Scrap Room

If you read my earlier post on my one word you know it is to ORGANIZE! My question to myself is where do I start?? My answer was my scrap room. One reason motivated me to start in my scrap room, I knew I needed a quiet space away from my family to plan my week, menus, school assignments, weekly task, scrapbook and more.

At our old house I had a small corner of a dark, cold basement. When my husband and I began looking at houses I knew a room/space all to myself was a must. So this is how it started.....

Before we moved I took my husband to Ikea to show him what I wanted in my room. He kept telling me that there was no way I was going to fit all the furniture and all my "stuff" in that room. I guess he didn't know who he was talking to! We moved in, put my furniture together, and then piled the boxes in. You couldn't even walk in the room! I wish I would have taken a before picture. This room was last on the list to unpack as I needed to unpack the rest of the house and get us settled. So the door stayed closed until now. I spent two days unpacking, and organizing it. And here is how it ended up......

Everything has a home and it has become my happy place. I knew this room would be important for me to organize first. Now I can start the New Year in an organized space to continue working on my one word for 2013; ORGANIZE! 

Come back tomorrow and I will tell you how I organized this space. 

Happy Organizing!


  1. I love the clean, sleek lines of the Expedit shelving! Makes any space so much tidier.

    I am also loving your ribbon racks!!!! Where are they from?! My ribbon just never seems to be organized the way I want and this idea is one I've been looking at on Pinterest for a while but can't seem to source.

    Great work!

    1. Thank you! I bought the ribbon racks at Joanne's around Christmas time last year. I love them. The work out perfect for me!

  2. Great job! Your office looks amazing! I too love it when everything has a home

  3. It looks wonderful. I love the colourful touches!

  4. Sleek! Indeed, organising stuff is so important. Nice makeover!

  5. Wow it looks amazing! I believe your husband. You wouldn't have believed something as fabulous as your office could have existed in the space shown in the picture. You definitely have an excellent knack doing the layout and design of your office interior.

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