Happy New Year!! Do you have your one word?

Yep.....that my one word for the year! 2012's word was change and I did that in a big way by changing my address. My husband and I moved into our new home at the end of October and as you all know after you move you have to organize everything! I also picked organize as my 2013 word because I function better when I have a plan and my day is organized. 

There will be two areas my one word will focus on; organizing my home and organizing my life. I am not sure which one will be easier! If any of you are like me I have a tornado of ideas going on in my head of how I will accomplish organizing my home and organizing my life. My strategy is to take it one day at a time and start small so that I do not become overwhelmed and give up on my plans.

Last year I printed out several copies of my one word, and laminated them. I placed them in areas of my house that I frequented such as my vanity, my kitchen, my planner, and my car. I am a visual learner and having that visual of my one word reminded me daily what my one word meant to me. It help to keep me focus on my goals. I also created a One Word 2012 board on Pinterest to place quotes or pictures that included or represented my one word. I plan on doing my print outs and I have already started my board with my one word for 2013. I challenge you to pick one word that represents what you want 2013 to be for you and make it happen. I would love to hear what your one word is. Please feel free to leave me a comment with the link to your blog or link to your one word Pinterest board! Happy New Year!

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