Organizing my Closet

When we built this house we did a lot of custom changes to it after really thinking about how we would use the space in this house. We decided that we had no need for a living room, and we would rather it be turned into my husbands office. Our floor plan had a living room, and next to it a small study, and next to that the family room, all on one side of the house. So if we turned the living room into and office what do we do with the study? Playroom? No we were having the basement finished and wanted all the toys down there? My office? No too small to fit all my scrapbook stuff, school stuff, wrapping stuff and more. So we asked if we could delete it, maybe extend the family room and the office out a bit.......then it came to me, I need an office supply/cleaning supply/Costco closet!!! We had the builder split the study in half. Half of the study became the walk in closet off of the office and the other half an extension of our family room.

Now some might wonder.....who needs a closet like this?? That someone is me. See I think I have an addiction to office supplies. I can't help but hit the office supply aisles in the stores looking for the newest, greatest, I have to have supply. I have a whole bin of binders - because you never know when you are going to need a binder to organize something!

My husband and I are Costco fans. Now we claim that we are not impulse buyers like Costco would like you to be but 50% of the time we are. I buy several bulk items there such as toilet paper, paper towels, Lysol wipes, sponges, and more. The items are big so where do you store my Costco closet! In our old house we store these items where ever we could find room. In this house I just walk into the closet and get what I need.

I also noticed in the floor plan that besides our coat closet and pantry there was no other closet on our first floor. Our laundry is on our second floor but I really did not want to store all my cleaning supplies up there as the first floor is constantly getting cleaned because it is the main floor we live in. Ah ha.....another need for my closet. So here it is! Ooooh.....ahhhh.....nothing special I know. It's a work in progress.

Up on the shelf is our Costco bulky items (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins). On the other shelf is more Costco items and office supplies. One bin holds all my paper another holds page protectors, and labels. I then have my file folders and hanging folders.

My small shelving unit holds my cleaning supplies. The bottom shelf is supplies I use every so often or replacements. The basket on the next shelf holds my Bath and Body soaps to be able to grab quick to replace at all sinks (we go through a lot of soap here!). The other basket holds my extra sponges.

Next shelf is all my dusting supplies, Clorox wipes and surgical gloves. That's right surgical gloves - I hate to touch meat, chicken or anything raw so I wear gloves. Top self holds my cleaning bin that I carry around with me.

On the floor next to it are more office supplies (I told you I have an addiction). One bin to hold all writing materials, one to hold all envelopes, one for miscellaneous office supplies, like paper clips, binder clips and more. The bottom file holder hold all my dividers and extra hanging file folders. 

The two green bins.....well one contains all my binders that I have as I mention earlier. The next holds all our paper supplies for  parties - plates, plastic silverware, table clothes, paper cups, disposable coffee cups and more.

And that's my office supply/cleaning supply/Costco supply closet! I am really glad I created this space and can't wait to add some more shelving units to it to grow my addiction to office supplies!!!

Happy Organizing!


  1. a great space! how wonderful for you to have a closet for overflow/surplus/bulk purchases. nice!

  2. I really like the blue/green color thing you have going on here. That's a really cool shade of green. And I think it's very spacious, but you aren't storing anything you don't use fairly frequently so it makes sense! I need to revisit my "storage shed" which is where I keep my cleaning supplies. Strong work!

  3. Whether it is your bedroom closet, or the home office space, if you want to use the place effectively, it should be aptly organized. You can see a lot of spare space to include other furnishings. Why to spoil our own house due to our laziness? Just organize it!!

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  4. Organising stuff can be therapeutic, if you come to think of it. Glad you were successful with this project.