School Box

Thanks to Pinterest I am so motivated to do projects. I found this project here at I Heart Organization one of my favorite sites. Jen has amazing ideas and I heart her blog! Now let me tell you a little story as to why I wanted to make these boxes for my kiddos. They bring home TONS and I mean tons of paperwork from school. I began taking pictures of their art work when my oldest son was in preschool. After I took the picture I threw away most of the artwork and save a few pieces in a bin. After they complete a year I then take the pictures and put them together in any online book.

I usually look for an online book that is on sale and if I can not find one Walmart's are very reasonable and I have been happy with the quality. I just recently was in our crawl space and found Nathan bin. There is so much stuff in there and he is going to be a first grader. As I looked at some of the schoolwork in his bin I thought why am I saving this? I really need to narrow down what I am saving. In comes the school boxes.

By creating these I can only save a small amount of their schoolwork (and remember I already have pictures of all the schoolwork). So now that I have the school boxes made it's now time to tackle their bins and clean them out. Thanks Jen for the great idea!


  1. A limiting container is perfect to keep any kind of collection from growing out of control. Well done!

    I like to make digital albums of favorite artistic creations as well!! :)

  2. Looks so cute and like a great way to just keep a small amount!

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