Lego Instructions....Everywhere!!!

My son has so many legos! I have organized his legos by colors in drawers but he is out growing that storage so soon I will need to make a trip to Ikea for some larger storage. The other part of legos that is crazy out of control is the lego instructions. I had them all in a bin thinking a 6 year old could keep them organized that way. Wrong!!! When he wants to build he pulls out every instruction book and spreads them all over the floor. Then he finds the one he wants to build and starts building leaving all the other instruction books all over the floor. Then Tornado Trace comes into his room and steps all over the instructions on the floor, ripping, bending, and folding them! So I could not take it anymore. Time to organized all those instructions!

After some taping and stapling, I have put all the instructions in page protectors and sorted them by theme, for example he has city legos, creator legos, Cars legos, Pirates of the Caribbean legos and so many more sets. I really don't think he will keep that organization up but a Mom can wish right, plus my organization compulsion was happy :)

I am hoping that he will be able to see some of his sets better and the days like today (it's over a 100 degrees today) and the old age question of "Mom I'm bored" I can have him pull his book out and find a lego to build that he hasn't built in awhile!

I have explained to him that he can flip through his book and when he finds the instruction book of the lego he wants to build he can pull it out and build it. Then when he is done he needs to put it back where it belongs. We will see how it goes!

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