Organizing a Move

 I have never moved before......well let me rephrase that. I have never moved 11 years worth of stuff and two kids. When my husband and I moved into our first home we were young, childless and had barely any furniture or stuff! We have begun our first step in the moving process and are trying to go thru and donate or sell items we will not be needing but the rest all has to get packed. I of course need to have some sort of an organization system in place to help me not feel/get so overwhelmed! After searching my favorite site, Pinterest, for some packing/moving ideas I collaborated my organizing system. I loved these ideas from one of my favorite blogs A Bowl Full of Lemons. She borrowed from another favorite organizer of mine, Alejandra, a color coded system to label her boxes. I loved that idea and did the same. Here is my legend.

I have my cardstock ready to place in each room and have made 3 legends, one to post in the garage by the door, one to post on the first level, and one to post on the second level. As I have been packing I kept misplacing the tape, or the scissors, or my mind! So I took another suggestion from A Bowl Full of Lemons and put all my supplies in this little basket and carry it around with me room to room. It is working out great to keep all my supplies organized.

I also created a moving binder to keep track of all my paperwork. In my binder I have dividers for my calendar, lists, moving day, address changes, and our house info. I use the calendar to visualize how many weeks I have left and keep track of what has to get done by what week. My list tab includes moving to do list, need to buy list, and a pack in the car list. I just jot down what pops in my mind and then I won't forget!

My moving day tab will have our delivery information for all items that are schedule to be delivered such as the fridge, washer and dryer. It also will have a list of any important numbers we might need. My address changes tab is self explanatory. It really is a place for me to jot down what needs to be change when we are sitting on the sofa at night and say "oh yeah, we have to change that address too!" The last tab is my house info tab. Here I will keep our contract, selections sheet and any other important documents I might need related to our new home. 


  1. Though moving is a big headache but as it has to be done so I think it's better to manage in a holiday and following some specific instruction it can be less. Hope you've done your (relocating) job perfectly. Thanks for the cooperation.
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  2. Smart! My mom is currently going through 30 years of things as she gets ready to move. I'll have to send this her way.

  3. Some really great advice. I think every mover could benefit from these organization tips. I particularly like labeling boxes and rooms - this is a great way to save time and stress on moving day.

  4. Thank you! It is working out great. We move in a few weeks and I feel like it will go smooth and the boxes will be in the room that I need them in!