Lash Boost + regimen of your choice = AMAZING savings

Over the last few days I introduced you to Rodan and Fields 4 regimens!  Now let me lay out this amazing bundle deal and the cost savings you will get:

💙 Redefine + lashboost $251 - normally $350. 
💛 Reverse + lashboost $244 - normally $340
💜 Unblemish + lashboost $237 - normally $330
💚 Soothe + lashboost $230 - normally $320

AND this. As a consultant I would pay $261 for redefine + lashboost. So PEOPLE.... this is better than my cost.
If you have ever, even the tiniest itty bitty small amount, wanted to try these products but love saving cash?!!! Why not save $80-$100?!!!
Tried lashboost but not a regimen?! Here is your chance to get a regimen at basically 50% off.
Like all of our products the bundles have a 60 day 100% money back guarantee! 

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